Lifting Up Small-Scale Shrimp Farmers

In 2021, the Global Seafood Alliance partnered with the Bangladesh Shrimp and Fish Foundation (BSFF) on a World Bank-funded project of the Bangladesh Department of Fisheries to uplift Bangladesh’s small-scale shrimp farmers and revitalize black tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) farming. This project will facilitate the formation of clusters of small farms to increase their collective harvest volume and enable them to sell directly to processors. It will also encourage adoption of third-party certification to ensure compliance with international standards and strict product quality grades to incentivize production of Grade A product. This approach will yield large, naturally pigmented black tiger shrimp with excellent quality, international certification and low carbon footprint. These unique attributes are expected to generate greater consumer confidence and satisfaction, premium prices in the international markets, attractive returns to small-scale farmers and sustainable development of the sector. 

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