Announcing Our First-Ever BAP Consumer Campaign:

Healthy Fish, Healthy Planet, Healthy You!

This October, we’re inviting retailers to join us for this National Seafood Month campaign to highlight your commitment to responsible seafood sourcing, increase consumer awareness of Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP), and encourage customers to purchase and eat more healthy, high-quality seafood.

We’ll work together to:

consumers to seafood and the brand

consumers to shop for and select seafood with the BAP label

consumers to eat more seafood and feel good about it

seafood sales during the promotional period and beyond

Why Promote BAP

One of the best ways to capture this consumer interest in responsible seafood is to highlight your commitment to sourcing BAP-certified seafood. Research shows that consumers want to eat more seafood and that half of seafood consumers factor sustainability claims and certifications into their purchasing decisions.

BAP has the potential to inspire meaningful seafood purchases, according to a 2021 Changing Tastes survey of U.S. consumers. The survey showed that when consumers are aware of BAP, they trust BAP. In addition, research showed that nearly half of millennials (who have the highest brand recognition for BAP) think more positively of retailers that carry products with our label.


Campaign Components

Use our assets or create your own!

BAP will provide a campaign toolkit based on our Healthy Fish, Healthy Planet, Healthy You theme that will show how BAP certification ensures the health of fish, workers, the planet, and ultimately, your customers. The toolkit will include a variety of campaign assets for digital and in-store promotion, such as social media posts, graphics, videos, point of sale materials, and more.

Download the BAP Campaign Deck Below!

Screen Shot 2022-04-19 at 9.36.05 AM



Download the BAP Campaign Deck

To learn more about the campaign and how your organization can get involved, download our campaign overview deck below. Within it, you’ll find in-depth information about the research behind this effort, how BAP will support retailers like yourself, expected timeline for toolkit material rollout, and actionable next steps for how your operation can take advantage of this opportunity


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